With professional expertise and customised product solutions, we build long-term business relationships with customers, both new and old. AB Rundvirke always works for short delivery times. Our customers shall always feel confident and secure in their relationship with AB Rundvirke.

AB Rundvirke production locations:

AB Rundvirke Marmaverken

Modern technology combined with classic woodworking

At AB Rundvirke, modern high-tech sawmill technology is combined with classic woodworking techniques in an efficient production flow. AB Rundvirke produces 50,000 m3 of sawn pine per year in one shift.

High technology and a high level of automation are essential, but our highly skilled, experienced staff is the most important factor for the end result.

The Production Process

Our production process consists of five steps.

1. The raw material

The Group’s raw material company Rundvirke Skog AB selects butt logs in accordance with specially set quality requirements and with regard to nature conservation forestry. The logs are sorted in accordance with our timber grading system.

2. Sawing

Rundvirke’s new saw line was inaugurated in 2010, consisting of two band saw groups, edger and two splitting lines.

3. Splitting

The butt logs are first sawn unedged, and then split with pith catcher parallel with fibre and wane into solid lumber. To obtain the high-quality products, AB Rundvirke usually uses the taper sawing technique.

4. Drying

AB Rundvirke’s standard products are dried to 12% moisture content. We can also offer other moisture quotas on request. Our fourteen chamber dryers maintain the highest technical performance, each chamber has a capacity of approximately 115 m³. Mild drying and good inventory management ensure high quality.

5. Trimming saw

The last step in the production process is the trimming saw where AB Rundvirke’s products are graded with high-tech camera sorting. Finally, the wood is delivered to our customers, who are primarily window and moulding customers and fine joinery.

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